GREVO's Story

Non modoe, verum etiam vehementer carum esse?


Time passes so swiftly in a year, we will be receiving 2019 and bidding goodbye to 2018.  Before we usher into a new year, there is always the awesome party that everyone looks forward to - The Year-end Party! 

This is also an opportunity for CEO, leaders and all employees to exchange, play, share joys, express their hearts and aspirations to strive for the future of themselves as well as the development of the company in the new year.

In the Year - end Party of this year, we prepared more gifts with more "cool" games, so everyone could enjoy the party in the most exciting way. 

Let's check it out what we have done done to organize this party successfully!

All of the decorations were prepared, we just waited for the moment when members came and said "WOW" to the red-large-Christmas-theme-decoration space. 

Our CEO welcomed members by standing in front of the red-green-Christmas-theme backdrop, where he could take pictures with all members. At the check-in booth, we have had a small game for early check-in members, which was they who could took the picture with CEO and posted on Facebook including our theme hashtag, they could receive the "gift" right after. 

We opened the party with the Japanese-fun games, which called "Tataite-Kabutte-Jankenbon" - it seemed like a "Rock Scissors Paper" Game that Vietnamese people often played to decide a winner. Then, a winner would take a hummer toy to hit loser's head. The loser needed to take a helmet to protect his/her head, and vice versa. 

After the game, we had time for CEO' speech about our achievements as well as the new directions for the upcoming year. In 2018, we first invested more in a new game development direction, and we're sure that next years will be the perfect time for collecting what we have invested. 

CEO shared his new direction to all members with his sincerity, and after his speech, it was time for us to say "CHEER" and all have fun. 

Ken - san - a good - handsome singer volunteered to sing a Christmas song for all GREVO 's members. How nice he is! 

An indispensable game in all our events or parties - BINGO. 

Why we organized that game? Because we had many gifts for our members.

Then, we have a little challenging game for our members to increase team - work inspiration and connection - LET'S SHAKE. 

Last but not least, a Lucky Draw with big valuable gifts belonging to the luckiest members. 

The party turned to the end, but the unforgettable memories were always in our heart with these pictures. 

There are our hopes to organize more and more great parties like this in upcoming years, and create more beautiful memories together with team members.