GREVO's Story

Non modoe, verum etiam vehementer carum esse?



The Topic brought its own meaning - raise seeds (GREVO's colors and qualified products) to expand quantity and quality), not only in the current industry but also in other industries, to let GREVO be more successful in the future. 

Do you want to know more about this special event - a wonderful start of 2019? 

Come with us and let's look back some of our memories through these fabulous pictures!

We began with the introduction of the event in our office by our CEOs. It was all about why we named the topic, the meaning of this event, and the company's direction in 2019. 

Next, we spent time to enjoy lunch together, as well as choose lucky money letters from the lucky tree, before came back to our work in the afternoon. 

Everyone had his/her own lucky money.

The next activity happened in Friday night, when we had much more time to have fun together. 

It was 5:30 pm, and all our members were at the venue. Foods were ready to be served.

After a greeting from our CEO - Yamamoto-san, we started the event with the first team building game - BRING YOUR CUP TO THE DESTINATION. 

For this game, each member of each team uses a balloon to flow a cup on the table from departure to destination. The winning team is the team finishing fastest. The score is based on the number of groups.

Rule Scores: 8 groups - the first team gets 8 scores and the final team gets 1 score.

The first game took us some energies, we need to charge our energies, and it was time FOR DINNER.

Our energies came back, let's continue with the more interesting game - INFORMATION TRANSFORMATION. 

The rule of this game was quite easy. Each team receives a sentence from Organizer such as "brush your teeth". Each Color keeps in a line and describes this sentence by body language to his/her team-mate from the first to the last person/team. The last person writes this sentence in a piece of paper and sends it to the Organizer. The winning team is the team writing correctly or closest meaning to the right sentence and speed is a plus as well.

Rule scores: 8 groups - the first team gets 8 scores and the final team gets 1 score.

We found the winner through these games, guess who were they?

The event was ended in the joyful atmosphere in a cozy place. Everyone felt fun and closer. 

But it was not the end, it was a start, a start of the BIG SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR - 2019. 

See you all in the next event with more fun activities!