GREVO's Story

Non modoe, verum etiam vehementer carum esse?


As one of the meaningful events of GREVO, 2-Year Anniversary of establishment was held at Liberty Central Saigon Riverside on April 19th, 2019.

With the noble mission: Solidarity - Proactive - Professional. All GREVO Colors step-by-step have contributed and built the first brick to get the GREVO as solid as it is today.

A speech from new COO and games with a strong connection created an excited atmosphere and special feelings for the party to be more breathtaking.

Besides, let's create positive results together with our passion in work to increase the value and nurture GREVO more and more every day.

Let's take a look at the memorable moments of GREVO 2-Year Anniversary.

Check-in activity to heat up the atmosphere for the earliest Colors.

Listening to speech from new COO about upcoming direction, looking back on the 2-year of development and celebrating birthday for GREVO.Along with the topic "2-Year Anniversary", some related quizzes to memorize about milestones of GREVO and small gifts are indispensable.

The promising singer of the Company.

The next is the main game of the event, players' task is to pass the ball with a spoon to help Colors increase their solidarity and understanding.

Finally, through the challenge rounds, the winners of the game was found.

The party was ended in an atmosphere of deep significance and see you in upcoming events.